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I avoid forums like the plague. I can’t stand the cliques, the bitching, the unattractive quote box within a quote box within a quote box punctuated by 20 or so smiley faces and one animated devil. All too often posting an opinion on a forum or beneath an article feels like being dressed as a […]

Alan Wake has a huge job on its hands. Famously announced  at E3 2005 by Finnish developers Remedy, the studio behind Max Payne, the game was finally released earlier this summer with its first DLC, The Signal, out just last month. With such a gap between concept and release, there was cause for concern that […]

The first Batman video game I played was a 16 bit 2D side scroller on the Amiga, with two simple actions: Throw batarang and grapple. Given the huge success of the rebooted Bat-franchise, it was only a matter of time before the Dark Knight returned to our consoles. And boy how far we’ve come in […]