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Another day, another story I have to rub my eyes in order to believe. Today’s is quite funny, if a tad disturbing. April 26th sees the launch of a new dating service, Cloud Girlfriend. The service is for starters free, “unlike your last date” they cry.* With it you create your own perfect partner and […]

I avoid forums like the plague. I can’t stand the cliques, the bitching, the unattractive quote box within a quote box within a quote box punctuated by 20 or so smiley faces and one animated devil. All too often posting an opinion on a forum or beneath an article feels like being dressed as a […]

My high school had the worst school uniform imaginable. Uniforms are never fun, outside whatever twisted sexplay is probably bobbing around your subconscious since I said the word “uniform”. And our yuppie tartan monstrosity was no different. The printing mistake of two merged schools trying to unite the best of both, the uniforms somehow settled […]

Carrie and friends return for yet another round of cosmopolitans, wrestling marriage, motherhood and menopause. But the real question is, do we want them back or have the four Manhattan gals outstayed their welcome? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but yes they have. Watching these movies is like watching a loved […]

Polling day is upon us once more, and by my count you have just over an hour left to vote. In sad news, today I had not one, not two but three depressing chats with women who do not plan to vote. I’m a great believer in exercising your right to vote, particularly as a […]

My name is Krystal and I am an Aquarius. According to Cafe Astrology, I am an opinionated, intellectual eccentric. I am independent, if sometimes a little detached; assertive yet friendly in demeanour. Sounds quite charming on the surface; I can gloss over my alleged detachment with explanations of my unwillingness to follow the beaten track […]