Legendary scriptwriter and director Paul Schrader’s latest movie Adam Resurrected boasts a tour-de-force performance from Jeff Goldblum, in a moving yet ultimately flat adaptation of Yoram Kaniuk’s 1968 novel of the same name.

Set in the early sixties, the film tells the story of Adam Stein (Jeff Goldblum) once Germany’s foremost entertainer and clown, now inmate at the Seizling mental institute for survivors of the Holocaust. The charismatic former impresario appears to have the run of the place, basking in the attention of his fellow patients, drinking from slyly hidden hipflasks and running rings around medical staff, including Dr Gross (Derek Jacobi). The wiley devil is even in the midst of a sordid affair with head nurse Gina Grey (Ayelet Zurer). But underneath the gibes and bravado there is a damaged alcoholic, haunted by the things he has seen, and ashamed of the things he has done.

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Romantic comedy. Two words that often have cinema goers either rolling their eyes or running for the hills. At their best rom coms can be uplifting, life-affirming affairs. At worst they’re Matthew McConaughey movies. Man’s been coasting off Dazed and Confused for years.

More cynical people than I have listed the reasons to say “I love you” as varied as out of boredom, economic hardship or the prospect of butt sex. Horses for courses, but no matter what side of the fence you sit on, (500) Days of Summer is a movie that speaks to everyone on some level.

Tom and Summer

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Hello. My name is Krystal. I’m a writer but a terrible procrastinator, so this is my very first attempt at blogging. For the past year I’ve been a prolific tweeter. It’s like gateway drugs for those who love the sound of their own inner monologue distilled into 140 characters with just enough room for hilarious youtube vids of kittens after a trip to the vet. Aww bless. Anyway, I’m a gamer, film nut and TV addict. When my friends can wrench me from these I have been known to be witty, when the mood strikes and after precisely a glass and a half of wine (no more, no less). I guess what I want to do is have a space to post some of my thoughts, reviews and rants. If anything chimes with you, please comment and feel free to check out my tweets.